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Lovejoy (Left to right, Ash Kabosu, Wilbur Soot, Joe Goldsmith & Mark Boardman)

Lovejoy (also known as LVJY) is an English indie rock band based in Brighton. They debuted on May 10, 2021 with their EP Are You Alright? along with a music video for their song One Day. The band consists of Wilbur Soot (lead vocals, guitar, songwriting), Joe Goldsmith (guitar, songwriting), Ash Kabosu (bass) and Mark Boardman (drums).

They released their second EP Pebble Brain in October 2021, and released their first single, a cover of the Los Campesinos! song Knee Deep at ATP in December 2021.

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Mark BoardmanJoe GoldsmithAsh KabosuWilbur Soot
EPs Are You Alright? (2021)Pebble Brain (2021)
Singles Knee Deep at ATP